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The kitchen plays a central role in any home and is often the area where families gather to interact and nourish themselves. Kyra Construction’s kitchen remodeling services focus on understanding our customer’s requirements and designing a beautiful and functional space.

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More Than Just A Service Space



When it comes to kitchen remodeling, custom cabinets can give your space a luxurious and modern look while also being designed and constructed to provide efficient organization and utilization of space.


When you choose top-tier materials such as quartz and granite, you can rest easy knowing that your kitchen countertop won't succumb to everyday wear and tear – a must if you want it to continue looking great for many years down the road.

Modern Appliances

Including home additions. Complete upgrades can be planned to harmonize every home improvement work you may be doing, such as additions, making it advantageous to get your home in top form.

Environmentally Thoughtful

From plant-based and low VOC paints to bamboo and other locally produced countertops and flooring, introducing eco-friendly materials into the mix offers vast environmental benefits ranging from improved indoor air quality to protecting forests and other natural resources.

An A-Z Solution For Home Remodeling

Any remodeling project can be daunting. With Kyra Construction you can rest at ease that your project is being attended to with uttermost care. From fine tuning the design to ensuring that the final inspection runs smoothly, we are here with you every step of the way!

Our comprehensive 3D Design process allows you to visualize and make changes before construction, ensuring your job is tailored perfectly for your needs. Our specialists will ensure plans meet any architectural & engineering requirements if needed; then handle the submission process with the city - so you can relax knowing every detail has been covered!
Let us transform your home! At the start of every job, we cover all areas that won't be worked on to guarantee a clean space. We make remodeling projects enjoyable with our endless features and customizations. Plus, as experts in complete remodels - from kitchen and bathroom layouts to complete home overhauls - there is no limit when it comes to making your dream house come true!
Our customer service is something we take immense pride in. For added convenience and peace of mind during the often-challenging construction process, our office will be available for inquiries or assistance anytime throughout business hours. We'll even join you at material pickup to ensure all components - from color palettes, tiles and cabinets to fixtures – correspond with your approved 3D Design!
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What our clients think

Creating an amazing construction or remodeling project takes teamwork. A part of teamwork is also communication with our clients and we are proud to hear their feedback!

Anne S.
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We are absolutely thrilled and so happy with our beautiful new dream kitchen and we have Kyra construction to thank for it. We knew Kyra was the right choice from the first time we met with Rami...
Doreen S.
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So great! Called in for a consultation on building out our ADU. Rami came to our house and made everything so detailed easy and explained the entire process! Once the job got started it was quick and painless with no mistakes, which is a lot to say for construction!
Barbara C.
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Rami and Liat at KYRA Construction are awesome. You tell them what you want and this husband and wife team go with your ideas and make them even better. They both really have a great eye as to what looks good. Their work is very professional and they are very likable!
Stas S.
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I love this company! I truly enjoyed working with Rami! I contracted Kyra construction to do my bathroom and kitchen renovation, and I was most impressed with how they handled my project...
Anna K.
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We were looking for someone to do our master bathroom. Rami came and we knew right away that he is the right person. Kyra did a 3D design for us so me knew how our bathroom is going to look. They did everything better than expected. We are so blessed to find you guys, thank you so much!!!
Karen C.
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We hired Kyra Construction to remodel our kitchen and dining room. These guys know their craft, the team was great and the work was done on schedule. They helped us with the design and choosing meterials. It came out AMAZING! I would highly recommend them!
Alexander G.
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I looked at many different companies for remodeling my house. By far they were the most responsive and completed the job in less time than estimated. High quality and high value. I highly recommend them!

Remodeling experiences

A happy customer is what brings joy to Kyra Construction! See a few of our recent client experiences and see how a Kyra transformation is way more that just a remodel/

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